Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blog Laws

These laws of the blog will be followed; as the owner of this blog I reserve the right to edit them as I choose. If you are sure to act as a reasonable human being, you need not worry.

  1. There will be no abuse or denigration of any religion. There will be no abuse or denigration of the nonreligious.

  2. There will be no judgment on any person or group of persons souls' everlasting destination.

  3. There will be no inflammatory statements regarding any head of state.

  4. There will be no threats against any head of state. Any such threats will immediately be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for that country. I am the opposite of kidding.

  5. There will be no hate speech.

  6. There will be no use of unflattering names for any religious figure or deity. Please have respect. If you are not speaking of a particular deity, it is fine to not capitalise the word 'god;' however, if you are referring to a specific deity, please use the appropriate capitalisation. This is also helpful for clarity.

  7. There will be literacy.

  8. There will be a sense of humour tempered by a sense of respect.

  9. In that vein, there assuredly will be snarky things said about specific mortals, or groups of them when the need arises. Examples of this include the people who run websites who will send e-mails to your friends when you get hauled up by the Rapture, and Westboro Baptist Church.

Those who fail to abide by the Blog Laws will be sent a bobcat in a box and then banned.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a quandary. I certainly agree with all of your laws, and agree to follow them. But that bobcat in a box sounds like fun ...